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Der Dritte Raum ///

25 years Der Dritte Raum. 25 years of Techno history.

On this album, pioneering producer Andreas Krüger has assembled numerous classics and hits
which have been - with one exception ("Plasmatica", 1992) - entirely RECONSTRUCTED.
"25 EINS" is the first in a series of releases in celebration of the 25th anniversary of 
Der Dritte Raum, which will be continued with "ZWEI" and is released on the legendary Harthouse imprint, originally founded by Techno icon  Sven Väth back in 1992.Although Der Dritte Raum has stylistically changed over the past 25 years, both the timeless tracks on "25 EINS" as well as
current productions from the likes of "Polarized Echoes" are always clearly recognizable as Krüger tracks. For many years now, his perfect blend of Techno, Trance, Electro  and House is delighting
generations of ravers, and with "25 EINS" the journey into Der Dritte Raum's universe of sound
begins, displaying all the characteristic and unique sounds and effects of Krüger's music. And with Harthouse, the resurrected flagship of the German Techno label scene, Andreas Krüger has found the perfect partner for this '25' series, revitalizing the fruitful and longstanding collaboration of Der Dritte Raum and Harthouse.





Artist: Der Dritte Raum
Title: D3R-25 EINS
Cat.: HHMA027-2/4
Label: Harthouse Mannheim
Format: CD/MP3
Release date: 2017-12-08