Artist: Various Artists
Title: In case of ... Plank
Format: 1xCD
Released: 08/2000
Cat.ID: HH07-2
Produced by: Various Artists, mixed by Oliver Bondzio
Released by Harthouse/UCMG, distributed worldwide by Intergroove.

Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime

01 Wassermann - W.I.R. (S.Väth mix) - (Profan)  
02 Daze Maxim - T.S.P.T.B.G.S - (Harthouse)  
03 Rob Acid - Never Stop - (Junkfood Records)  
04 Terence Fixmer - Electric Vision - (Gigolo)  
05 Dj Rok - Cycle Style - (Müller Records)  
06 Oxia - Last Test Pt.1 - (Good Life)  
07 Rhytmiker vs. Ratio - Black Trail - (Central)  
08 Vice - Asylum Seekers - (Black Nation)  
09 Secret Cinema - Volt! - (EC Recordings)  
10 Steve Stoll - Innuendo - (Music Man)  
11 Umek - Urtoxen - (Black Nation)  
12 Ignacio - Tin Can - (Scorp)  
13 Ignacio - Virton - (Kozzmozz)  
14 Box Blaze & Deetron - Pocket Rocker - (Spielzeug Schallplatten)  
15 The Youngsters - Conclusion - (G-Funk)  
16 James Ruskin - Detatched - (Tresor)  
17 Rob Acid - Never Stop - (Junkfood Records)  
18 Johannes Heil .- Die Eigene Achse (H.Laux mix) - (JH)  
The recordlabel, Harthouse UCMG, commented on this release:
Last time it was all about Oliver Bondzio, but now Harthouse is proud to
present the second installment in the "In case of.." mix series, this time
featuring the well-known Rheinlander DJ Plank.
Fame has come to Dj Plank in many forms. Not only has he released several
of his own productions under the Harthouse and Important Records imprints,
but he is also an almost constant presence at many of the most happening
clubs in Germany (Treibhaus and Apollo, not to mention many others). This
CD gives us a peek into DJ Plank's fat crates of Vinyl and what we see, and
more importantly hear, can only be described as driving, straightforward,
banging Techno.
[Note: The infotext obviously is wrong, because the second release of the "In case of" series has been the HH06-2 "In Case of .. Frank Lorber", and this one is the third release.]