CD Cover

Artist: Various Artists
Title: In case of ... Frank Lorber
Format: 1xCD
Released: 02/2000
Cat.ID: HH06-2
Produced by: Various Artists, mixed by Frank Lorber
Released by Harthouse/UCMG, distributed worldwide by Intergroove.

Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime

01 Si Begg ­ "Welcome To The Discotheque" Mosquioto Rec.  
02 Daze Maxim ­ "Mathematical Breakfast" Harthouse  
03 BBS ­ "Joyrider (Luke Slater Remix)" R&S  
04 Alter Ego ­ "Betty Ford" Ongakumusik  
05 Luke Slater­"Body Freefall, Electronic Inform (L. Sl. Remix)"Mute  
06 Electric Deluxe ­ "Electric Deluxe" Plus 8  
07 Stanny Franssen ­ "Light Years" Zenit  
08 Justin Berkovi ­ "One By One" Predicaments  
09 Justin Berkovi ­ "Sustained Buxom Mad Chips" Harthouse  
10 J. Heil ­ "Die Eigene Achse ( Heiko Laux Remix)" JH Records  
11 Johannes Heil ­ "The Chains Of Babylon" Kanzleramt  
12 12: Luke Slater ­ "All Exhale (Club Mix Edit)" Mute  
The recordlabel, Harthouse UCMG, commented on this release:
"In Case of Frank Lorber" celebrates the past year and welcomes 2001 in a
jubilant way. Lorber's distinctive Mix-Style and first-class selection of
Techno lets us all into the private electronic world of a talented and
visionay artist. Once one is inside this world however, it may be difficult
to leave.

On the official website of Harthouse/UCMG (offlince since 06/2003) there has been a long infotext with this release. The text can be found here.