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Artist: Daze Maxim
Title: The Same Place the Bot got smashed
Format: 2x12" Whitelabel
Released: 2000
Cat.ID: HH04-3 Album Promo
Limited: 50 copies
Produced by: Daze Maxim
Released by Harthouse/UCMG, distributed worldwide by Intergroove. Promotional Release.

Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime

a1 Mathematical Breakfast -  
a2 Mind Port -  
b1 Remix Playaz -  
b2 Living in a Cable -  
b3 Double K.O. -  
c1 Things stay differently -  
c2 Scannet Nut -  
d1 Whe had lunch -  
d2 Same Place the Bot got smashed -  
d3 I don't pick Flowers -