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Artist: Hardfloor
Title: Respect Remastered
Format: 1xCD
Released: 02/2002
Cat.ID: HH02R-2
Produced by: Oliver Bondzio, Ramon Zenker
Released by Harthouse/UCMG, distributed worldwide by Intergroove.

Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime

01 Intro Maze 02:20  
02 Fried Laces 05:04  
03 Asbestos In Obsterics 08:03  
04 Reverberate Opinion 08:35  
05 Kangaroos & Bubbles 04:58  
06 Strawberry Maze 05:19  
07 Mahagony Roots 07:26
08 Mustard Cornflakes 08:39  
09 The Last Marshmellow Machine 07:22  
10 Mahagony Roots (Work Remix) 06:32  
11 Kangaroos & Bubbles (Armando's Darkside Mix) 04:45  
11 here is shorter than the original release on the Hardfloor "Repected Remixes".
The recordlabel, Harthouse UCMG, commented on this release:
English Text:
Back in the days, at the end of 1994, Harthouse released the sophomore effort of Hardfloor´s "RESPECT" - following in the footsteps of their debut album "TB Resuscitation". While resuming and and refining the sound of the first longplayer, the second album continued the success story of the debut
"TB Resuscitation" (06/1993) as well as the 12"-releases "Acperience EP" and
"Transcript" which then where key for the rising wave of Acid Trance. Over
the years, all Hardfloor productions were defined by the distinctive 303
sound - or even by simultaneously using three synchronized 303s. With the
artwork of the first Hardfloor releases, Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker
paid tribute to the visual artists who had strongly influenced the creation
and development of their unique sound.

February 2002 sees the long-awaited re-release of "RESPECT" on CD and
double vinyl - which Ramon Zenker carefully re-mastered. As a bow before
their fan base, the CD contains two bonus tracks: "Mahagony Roots" (Work
Remix) and "Kangaroos & Bubbles" (Armando's Darkside Mix). Watch out - this
addictive acid may corrode your ear-drums!
Deutscher Text: Ende 1994 veröffentlichte Harthouse das zweite Album von Hardfloor "RESPECT". Es knüpfte an den Sound und Erfolg des Debut "TB Resusciation" (06/1993) und die Singles "Acperience EP³ und "Transcript³ an, die damals die Acid-Trance-Welle auslösten. Über Jahre hinweg, war waren Hardfloors Produktionen geprägt vom markanten Sound der 303 ­ gern ließen sie auch drei dieser Soundcomputer parallel laufen. Auf dem Cover zollen Oliver Bondzio und Ramon Zenker den Künstlern Respekt, die seinerzeits ihre musikalische Entwicklung beeinflusst haben.
Im Februar 2002 erscheint Respect auf CD und 2LP in neu gemasterter

Version ­ hierfür hat Ramon Zenker selbst Hand angelegt. Die CD enthält zudem die zwei Bonus ­Tracks  "Mahagony Roots³ (Work Remix) und
"Kangaroos & Bubbles" (Armando's Darkside Mix).