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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Harthouse 100 Live
Format: 2x12"
Released: 1997
Cat.ID: HHSP 013 (4-024258-101216)
Produced by: Various Artists
Released by Harthouse/Eye Q,published by Moonquake Music, adm. by BMG/UFA. Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.

Eye Q
Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime

a1 Patrick Lindsey - Alllien Blaster 06:50  
a2 Patrick Lindsey - Phat Jive 06:54  
b1 Der Dritte Raum - Bohrer 01:27  
b2 Der Dritte Raum - SDS Loop 01:16  
b3 Der Dritte Raum - Mechanoid 01:37  
b4 Der Dritte Raum - Trommelmaschine 06:04  
b5 Der Dritte Raum - Alienoid 03:17  
c1 Alter Ego - Folk Song 14:25  
d1 Alter Ego - Absolute Part 1 09:00  

b1,b2,b3,b4,b5 Non-Stop Live Session.

Backside says:
This album has been recorded during the Harthouse labeltour in Europe, Autumn 1996.
The artists as well as the label would like to thank all involved clubs and club managers.
Big thanx to Jazek, Mathias and last but not least to our "Tour-Manager" Michael Hoffmann / Caos Booking.
Photos from different tour locations by Christiane Böck, Ralph Hahner & Thomas Schönberger.

Artwork by Dare Art / George Dare.
04.07.1996 Amsterdam, Foundry
14.07.1996 Berlin, Tresor
19.07.1996 Frankfurt, Omen
17.08.1996 Cologne, Popkomm
06.09.1996 Duisburg, Phuture Club
07.09.1996 Kassel, Aufschwung Ost
13.09.1996 Hamburg, Unit
27.09.1996 Munich, Fat Fugo
28.09.1996 Heilbronn, Alte Giesserei
05.10.1996 Freiburg, Crash
16.11.1996 Erfurt
30.01.1997 Prague, Radost
Spring 1997 Spain
Autumn 1997 United Kingdom