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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Pacific Rhythm - The First Wave
A Harthouse Compilation of Westcoast Artists
Format: 2x12"
Released: 1996
Cat.ID: HHSP 010 (4-024258-101018)
Produced by: Various Artists (America Westcoast)
Released by Harthouse/Eye Q, published by Moonquake Music, adm. by BMG/UFA. Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.

Eye Q
Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime

a1 Ascendance - Breathe the Energy 07:25  
a2 Jondi & Spesh - Miles of Boom 05:56  
a3 Midi Brotherhood - The Superself 05:08  
b1 Professor Smith - Remember 48024 06:18  
b2 Dreamlogic - Antennae 06:35  
b3 Hawke - Elephant Biltong 06:23  
c1 Dimension 23 - Intelligent Brain 04:30  
c2 Cap'm Stargazer - Slog 04:47  
c3 Metro - Chillout Rollercoaster 06:52  
d1 Bassland - Empty Sea of Nothingness 06:00  
d2 Off and Gone - Blueplant 05:26  
d3 23rd World - Enchanted Isles 05:47  

a1 by Paul Grogan, licensed from Rampant Records, Manhattan Beach.
a2 by JD Moyer and Stephen Kay, licensed from Trip 'n Spin and Beathaven. Productions, San Francisco.
a3 by Peter Ziegelmeier, San Francisco.
b1 by Andrew Smith, recorded at XLR8R Trax, San Francisco.
b2 by Dan Handrabur, recorded at Outersanctum, Vancouver.
b3 by Hawke, Scott and Gavin Hardkiss. Licensed from Hardkiss Music, San Francisco.
c1 by Julie Ida and Rich Sihilling, recorded at Sparky's Loft, Los Angeles.
c2 by Phil Western, recorded at Floatpoint, Vancouver.
c3 by Mike Knapp, licensed from Bassex Records, Hermosa Beach.
d1 by Stuart Breidenstein, produced by Bassland at UCPM, Sierra Madre.
d2 by Phil Western and Dan Handrabur, recorded at Floatpoint and Outersanctum, Vancouver.
d3 by Timothy Hendricks, recorded at Bloodclot Studios, San Francisco.

Backside says:
Pacific Rhythm - The First Wave, is the first in a series of Harthouse America compilations. Featuring music from Vancouver to Southern California, Pacific Rhythm captures some of the finest West Coast artists and producers of electronica. Chilled out electro and bassy house, stoner trance and extraterrestrial sounds, all these and more influence Pacific Rhythm's diverse array of mixing techniques and hallucination-friendly sequences. From the traditions of the past to the trends of the future, the artists collected here share the compulsion to make stunning and innovative dance music. Pacific Rhythm was conveived and compiled by Robert Shea.

Cover art: Oliver Hajdu / ORA Design, ora@axionet.com.