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Artist: Freddy Fresh
Title: Accidentally Classic
Format: 2x12"
Released: 1996
Cat.ID: HHLP 023 (4-024258-002315)
Produced by: Frederick Schmid
Released by Harthouse/Eye Q. Published by  XIX.P., adm. by BMG/UFA. Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.

Eye Q
Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime

a1 Gimme 05:38  
a2 Barogue 08:38  
a3 Fat Beat 01:00  
b1 Chupacabbra 05:40  
b2 Dilema 05:21  
b3 Hey 05:35  
c1 Open Spaces (W/Paul Mix) 06:33  
c2 The Flow 03:53  
c3 Bum Bum 05:58  
d1 Represent 04:10  
d2 Flava 04:55  
d3 Portion (Loops by Paul Mix) 04:58  

All tracks written and produced by Frederick Schmid, except track b1:
Music and words by Frederick Schmid, vocals by Frederico Fresh.

Artwork by Dare Art / G. Daeretzis.