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Artist: Off and Gone
Title: Everest
Format: 1xCD
Released: 1996
Cat.ID: HHCD 018
Produced by: Dan Handrabur, Phil Western
Released by Harthouse/Eye Q. Published by Moonquake Music, adm. by BMG/UFA. Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.

Eye Q
Tracklist CD
# Trackname Playtime

01 Gods have gone 06:53  
02 Everest 07:00  
03 Kopli 12:16  
04 Sprinkle 08:17  
05 Shasta 05:41  
06 My God 09:15  
07 Sigma Receptor 07:48  
08 Europia 07:12  
09 Phosphanes 08:11  

Backside says:
Written, produced and performed on analogue, digital and acoustic instruments by Dan Handrabur and Phil Western. Vocals by Cristina. Recorded at Outersanctum and Floatpoint, Vancouver Canda.
Doctored by MC2 at Red Stripe.
Dan thanks... my parents for continued support and understanding, brother John (far from being an apostle).
Phil thanks... Mom and Glen, Krista, Barb and Graham, Justin, Tim, Odyssey Imports and all my family.
Off and Gone thanks... Uncle Mike (and his ever growing beard) at Exist Dance, Ragas,Namlohssa, Ginger, CITR, P&M Nicolescu, Tomandandy, Rick, Robert Shea, Mario and Eye Q. To the memory of our friend D. Goettel.

Cover Art: Oliver Hajdu / ORA Design, ora@axionet.com.
Cover photo by Ian Smith. Back photo by Oliver Hajdu.