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Artist: Speedy J
Title: !ive
Format: 1xCD
Released: 1995
Cat.ID: CD: HHCD 015
Produced by: Jochem Paap
Released by Harthouse/Eye Q. Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.

Eye Q
Tracklist CD
# Trackname Playtime

01 Symmetry 08:48  
02 The Oil Zone 06:33  
03 Ping Pong 07:29  
04 Pepper 07:37  
05 Scare Tactics 06:53  
06 Fusion 11:28  
07 Fun Equations 02:08  
08 G-Spot 02:51  
This is the only one of the 24 Harthouse Germany albums that has been released CD only. Harthouse didn't get in hold of the license rights for the vinyl release version.
[Thanks to Marcos Espirages Jimenez who got this info from Toni Rios]