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Artist: Astral Pilot
Title: Electro Acupuncture
Format: 2x12"
Released: 1995
Cat.ID: HHLP 013 (4-005902-640169)
Produced by: Sven Všth, Stevie B-Zet
Released by Harthouse/Eye Q. Published by Moonquake Music. Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.

Eye Q
Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime

a1 Electro Acupuncture 11:51  
b1 Skin Probe 10:38  
b2 Into my Brain 08:53  
c1 Kuku Session 07:15  
c2 Needle Drama 09:48  
d1 The Day After * 21:02  

a1 138bpm, b1 145bpm, b2 148bpm, c1 145bpm, c2 145bpm, d1 130bpm

Backside says:
Special thanks to: Toby, Genshi, Frogman Records, Cisco Record Store Tokyo, Sublime Records, Kengo, Kuku's healing hands, Joshua, Keoki - you know.
Meniac Love, Yellow, Yokota, Ken Ishi, Macoto, Sake, Tsujoshi, Midoli, and all i forgot to mention! Japan - Tokyo Power: Yes!

Cover artist: Bird.
Cover design by Bidiol

[* "The Day After" ,in that 21:02 length version, was the absolutly last track played at the Omen-Goodbye party in front of the club. After that track, played by Sven Vaeth, the Omen closed the doors forever....
(The "Omen" in Frankfurt/Main was probably the most famous technoclub in germany. Opened 1988, closed on 18.10.1998)]

["It comes from an experience I had in Japan," explains Vath. "I had acupuncture on my back, because I had little problems with my back, so I did acupuncture and I got inspired by it. It's a very minimalistic album for the dance floor, from the musical side it's not like 'Accident in Paradise' or 'The Harlequin'. It's produced for the dance floor." - Sven Vaeth]