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Artist: Eternal Basement
Title: Nerv
Format: 2x12"
Released: 1995
Cat.ID: HHLP 011 (4-005902633468)
Produced by: Michael Kohlbecker, Pascal Mollin
Released by Harthouse/Eye Q. Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.

Eye Q
Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime

a1 Woy 11:00  
a2 Mind Out 09:32  
b1 A Flyby 11:27  
b2 Nerv 09:38  
c1 When Sadness comes 11:00  
c2 Poem 08:00  
d1 Hologram 14:00  

a1 100bpm, a2 145bpm, b1 150bpm, b2 160bpm, c1 130bpm, c2 136bpm, d1 100bpm

Cover design by Bidiol / F. Reichhold & Dare Art / G. Daeretzis.

[Sidenote: LP Cover gives credits to "F. Reihhold" by mistake.]

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Advertisement in printmags for the release of the album (among others)