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Artist: Alter Ego
Title: Alter Ego
Format: 1xCD
Released: 1994
Cat.ID: HHCD 006
Produced by: Roman Flügel, Jörn Elling Wuttke
Released by Harthouse/Eye Q, published by  Moonquake / Musikedition Discoton. Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.

Eye Q
Tracklist CD
# Trackname Playtime

01 Soulfree 11:55  
02 Atomic Playground 07:13  
03 Sentimental Books 04:52  
04 Nude Restaurant 12:57  
05 Chinese Eyes 09:48  
06 Tanks Ahead 09:05  
07 Undersea Girl 06:50  

Bakside says:
Special thanks to Heiko M/S/O, Klangelektronik Frankfurt, Jörg and the Delirium Family, Paul and Dean at Harthouse UK.

Coverdesign and photographs by Rike Wagner.