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Artist: Resistance D
Title: Ztringz of Life
Format: 2x12"
Released: 1994
Cat.ID: HHLP 004 (4-005902-626620)
Produced by: Maik Maurice, Pascal FEOS
Released by Harthouse/Eye Q, published by  Moonquake / Musikedition Discoton. Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.

Eye Q
Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime

a1 Pain of Sensibility 07:14  
a2 Paranoid 05:40  
b1 Day of Rebirth 08:37  
b2 Sonntagsmorgenruhe 09:04  
c1 Skyline 08:37  
c2 Space Baby 04:48  
d1 Beautiful Silence 07:57  
d2 Cosmic Remix 06:27  

a1 126bpm, a2 122bpm, b1 145pm, b2 144bpm, c1 17bpm, c2 116bpm, d1 135bpm, d2 139bpm.

d2 remixed by Pascal FEOS.

Backside says:
Love to god and our families. Special thanks to the Harthouse-Familie and all our friends. Ronny we stand behind you!

A.D. & coverdesign by Bidiol / F. Reichhold, baby-illustration by Shoot.