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Artist: Soap
Title: D.F.R.
Format: 1xCD
Released: 1995
Cat.ID: CD: HHEP 003CD
Produced by: Paul Doherty
Released by Harthouse/Eye Q. Published by  Moonquake Music, adm. by BMG/UFA. Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.

Eye Q
Tracklist CD
# Trackname Playtime

01 Turn it on 06:35  
02 Dumb Funk Resistance (Remixed by Stage 1) 08:18  
03 Bail out 07:24  
04 Foam 09:38  
05 Mister Manners 07:55  

Recorded under the flightpath LHR.

[Sidenote: On the CD sleeve the length of track 05 is described 06:12 long, by mistake. Right length is 07:55.]

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