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Cover front (Version 2)


Artist: Hardfloor
Title: Hardtrance Acperience
Format: 1x12"
Released: 1992
Cat.ID: HH008
Produced by: Ramon Zenker, Oliver Bondzio
Released by Harthouse/Eye Q, distributed by Upright Songs Manuscript / Cheyenne / Neue Welt MV. Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.

Eye Q
Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime

a1 Acperience 1 08:57  
a2 Acperience 2 04:12  
b1 Acperience 3 04:56  
b2 Acperience 4 04:03  

a1 125bpm, a2 140bpm, b1 140bpm, b2 148bpm.

There are two versions of this release around, first one with lightblue vinyllabel and the second one with white only vinyl label.
Because the following releases all have lightblue vinyllabels, these white ones are possibly missprints.