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Artist: Der Dritte Raum
Title: Polarized Echos
Format: MP3 Download
Released: 2017-09-22
Cat.ID: HH MA 053-8
Produced by: Written and produced by Der Dritte Raum
Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. 

# Trackname Playtime


01 Polarized Echos 09:25
02 Effect Memory 08:14
03 Realtime Club 07:01
-- Harthouse Releaseinformation:
Der Dritte Raum - short D3R aka Andreas Krüger & Ralf Uhrlandt are possibly one of the most innovative liveacts Germany's techno scene has brought forward since the early Nineties, the formative years when Frankfurt trance was growing into a national movement that would change the course of dance music in Germany forever and inspired countless individuals with its take on electronics. With two album releases on the incredibly influential Frankfurt Harthouse imprint, which was partly run by pioneer DJ Sven Väth, Techno Germany's undisputed father figure who still spearheads the scene, and three album releases on Virgin, there is hardly any live act and producer duo as successful and innovative as D3R. Merging techno, trance, electro and house all into one to create their own distinctive sounds that has generations of ravers on their knees begging for more, it's time to send them into frenzy again with another burner on the resurrected Harthouse imprint which lost nothing of its impact.