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Artist: Miro Pajic
Title: Do It
Format: 1x12"
Released: 12/2010
Cat.ID: HH MA 033-6
Produced by: Written and produced byMiro Pajic, published by Planet Phuture / Warner Chappel
Available: Buy now / Download here
Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. 

Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime


A1 Do it (feat. Joody)    
B1 Alien Angels    
B2 Sex Beast    

-- Harthouse releaseinformation:
With his latest album “Saturn Drama” on Harthouse released in September this year techno primary rock Miro Pajic who has records out there on labels like Proper N.Y.C.,, Tic Tac Toe oder Tora Tora Tora and collaborated with artists like Chroma or The Horrorist crossed the borders of minimal techno with his tight and powerful arrangements full of black romantic rooms and intelligent sound design. Now we have the first single “Do It” out on vinyl together with the two album tracks “Alien Angels” and “Sexy Beast”!