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Artist: Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson
Title: Mutantz
Format: 1x12"
Released: 05/2009
Cat.ID: HH MA 025-6
Produced by: Written by Lee Pattison, Grayson Shipley and Jamie Anderson, produced by Deepgroove and Jamie Anderson
Available: Buy now / Download here
Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. 

Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime


A1 Mutantz  
B1 Airtight  
B2 Psycho  

-- Harthouse releaseinformation:
Two years ago two of the most succesful british global player from Bristol decided to work together. The duo Deepgroove (Grayson Shipley & Lee Pattison) and Jamie Anderson.With their 4-decks-shows Deepgroove give their audience ecstatic hours of impartiality by now by using the format as a template for experimentation. With their tracks, released on Underwater Records or Kinky Vinyl they appear on many compilations.Jamie Anderson, who is the founder of Fixia, released noumerous records on labels like International Deejay Gigolos, Artform, Extrema, Immigrant or Rotation and headlined the most important events worldwide for ten years. As Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson they released the “Ghost Train” and “Killer/Butterfly” 12” on Frankfurt's Klang Elektronik so far and convinced Harthouse with their eclectic and technoid modernism.