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Artist: Eternal Basement
Title: Zustandsgeber
Format: MP3-Download
Released: 06/2012
Cat.ID: HH MA 023-4
Produced by: Written and produced by Eternal Basement
Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. 

# Trackname Playtime


01 Kopforgasmus    
02 Butterweich    
03 Am Strand    
04 Taking Place In You 2012 Remix    
05 Vollmond    
06 Mindcontrol    
07 Nervös    
08 Feine Reise    
09 Sentio    

-- Harthouse releaseinformation:
Michael Kohlbecker and and his projects and productions are an institution in electronic music for a long time. After 12 years playing piano and 8 years violin he had first sucsess with Rio Reiser's “Qual der Belgier” in 1987, followed by a project with BG Prince Of Rap what was very succsessful in the USA. This was the point of no return. An impressive diversity of projects and releases followed like on HARTHOUSE, LOGIC RECORDS, WAN, FRISBEE RECORDS, QUBE RECORDS, MILLENIUM RECORDS, BLUE ROOM RELEASES, SPIRIT ZONE, COCOON RECORDS, EBR, SAVE THE VINYL, 311 RECORDS, ZYX Records, PLANET VISION REC, ELEKTROLUX, NOVA TEKK REC., GLOBAL AMBITION, SONY MUSIC, SONY CLASSIC, FRANKFURT BEAT PRODUCTIONS, PCP, ATOMIC RECORDS, LE PETIT PRINCE, TRACID TRAXX, BMG, Columbia, Tetsuo Rec. and more. Furthermore he produced important remixes together with Gabriel le mar and Alex Azary for the artists Camouflage, Air Liguide, Fantastische 4 "Sie ist weg", Bob Marley "Sun is shining" and Anne Clark in 1995. A resindency at London's Viadukt and Frankfurt's U60311 and a few years of Saafi Brothers and Montauk P on Blue Room followed beside a radio show (You FM) and music for the EXPO 2000. In 2009 he founded the Produzentenschmiede to work tohether with young artists like Xarah van Tara who is a young artist on the rise straight from 311, the small smoking room of U60311 who co-produced one of the tracks on „Zustandgeber“, the 3rd Lonplayer of Eternal Basement.

The diversity of tracks on „Zustandgeber“ ist absolutely breathtaking. Everytime a track begins this isn't the conclusion of it like in many other productions at the time. It seems like the tracks are developing themselves. Every minute another mask falls showing the next membrane, the next and new impression of these little breathing organisms. Between techno beats, trance, house and tribal elements everything seems possible to create a new, a better, a more manyfold picture of sounds and stories. Every track on this album stands for itself and, at the same time, is part of the productions surrounding it. This is a really perfect release with a lot of potential to get one of the most thilling releases of the year.