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Vinyllabel A/B-Side

Artist: Scan X
Title: Prism
Format: 1x12"
Released: 10/2008
Cat.ID: HH MA 022-6 Promo
Produced by: Stephane Dre
Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. Promotional Release

Tracklist Vinyl
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A1 Prism  
B1 Prism (Alex Kid Mix)  

-- Harthouse releaseinformation:
Harthouse is proud to present you the new single of the French primary rock Scan X. Beginning his carreer in 1993 Stéphane Dri released noumerous tracks on noumerous labels since then and created an intellectual style of electronic music combined with pure dancloor power. So be prepared for the next dancefloor smasher from Scan X.

Starting with this licking kicks and the moldy synthesizer purr the prism starts reflecting all the dust and dirt that is hided in the doomed corners of the favourite underground dance machine placed in the basement. And now Stéphane, who also worked together with Laurent Garnier to create the soundtrack of the Cartoon “Globi”, unpacks his secret weapon. The explosive and driveling bassline licks your meninges till every clear thought is digested and transformed to something undefined that will proceed the dancefloor range. Here the experience of years producing for the dancefloor, playing on events like Sonar, I Love Techno, Mayday, Montreux Jazz Festival and spinning in clubs like Liquid Room, The End or Space and working on soundtracks for films of Laurent Merlin (“Papa”/”Step By Step”) is splitted by the prism, Stéphane build in nearly 7 minutes.

Prism (Alex Kid Remix):
Here the labelmate of Stéphane, who did the big “Mint” Longplayer and is very succesful with the actual album “Caracol” at these days, did this very gushy interpretation of the original “Prism”. He’s taking time to build his strong architecture of his remix. At the beginning of the track you will ask yourself: Where is all the energy gone? But then the kicks and high percussion arrive and make this beatconstruction roll like there is nothing else to do than dropping trees. Alexkid, who is influenced by the likes of Larry Heard, Phil Spector, Carl Craig, Chateau Flight, Scientist, Radiohead, Sleeparchive or Portishead comes around with the bassline after 4 minutes and so maximises its pressure in subjective perception. But don’t forget the other whirring sounds – they will shave your head if you don’t pay attention!

After this massive single we are looking forward to the third longplayer of Scan X!