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Artist: Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson
Title: 13 Machines - The Remixes
Format: CD
Released: 03/2011
Cat.ID: HH MA 020-2
Produced by: Written and produced by Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson
Available: Buy now / Download here
Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. 

Tracklist CD
# Trackname Playtime


01 Ping Pong (Sei A Remix)    
02 Bugs (Piemont Remix)    
03 Freya (Daniel Steinberg Remix)    
04 Voix (Minicoolboyz Remix)    
05 Stick & Stones (Deepgroove Remix)    
06 Psycho (Miro Pajic Remix)    
07 Screaming Trees (Mathew Hoag Love Light Remix)    
08 Airtight (Markantonio Remix)    
09 Asylum (Sasha Carassi Remix)    
10 Psycho (Electric Rescue Remix)    
11 Meteorz (Erphun Dub Remix)    

-- Harthouse releaseinformation:
In 2009 Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson released their highly acclaimed latest album “13 Machines” on Harthouse where they reflected our technological environment through the extremely pulsating language of electronic music. Now, over a year later we present you a collection of remixes created in the meantime in one great package.

You can hear interpretations of album tracks out of the hands of Sascha Carassi, Electric Rescue, Markantonio, Daniel Steinberg, Miro Pajic, Erphun, Piemont, Sei_A, Mathew Hoag and Deepgroove themselves. It's quite obvious that we engaged the most surprising and creative artists worldwide to give you the absolutely best techno experience you can get.

So we have floor-shaking and mind-blowing trips with psychotic synth-spheres, nearly classic sounds, stomping and pumping rhythm characteristics, sexy and funky bass machines, breathless breaks, enourmous distortion effects, aggressive and concentrated arrangements, fastly changing motives and sounds as well as hard, jazzy and funky beauties.

Every single artist has his own personal view at the album work of Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson's “13 Machines”gives its personal script to it. The result is a versatile and functional remix album we are proud to present. This is the opening of 2011 on Harthouse we are looking forward to a thrilling year with numerous hot high energy releases.