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Vinyllabel A/B-Side

Artist: Boris Brejcha
Title: Who Is Your Man
Format: 1x12"
Released: 22.08.2007
Cat.ID: HH MA 017-6 Promo
Produced by: Boris Brejcha
Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. Promotional release.

Tracklist Vinyl
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A1 Who Is Your Man Play
B1 Ich Zeig Es Euch Play
B2 Anabella Play
- Harthouse Releaseinformation:
Young and talented Boris Brejcha has a long musical history. He was trained in playing drums and keyboard at his childhood which had been a perfect school for the following chapter – producing electronic dance music. His sense of humour resonates in his productions as well as his predilection for unconventional sounds. He started showing his talent at several stages and online labels which lead him to Harthouse Mannheim. Now he shows the ropes to his audience with his first vinyl EP and you hear him grin because he knows what he’s doing. Attention please! 

A: „Who Is Your Man” Massive bassdrum stomps over the floor and from the beginning the extremely minimal drums and cutted effects create a shakin groove that makes you nod even if you don’t want to. The synth sounds gentle and warm, tastes a bit like acid and repeatedly makes you smile – especially when combined with the minimal vocal cuts. Surrounded by cultivated great reverberation this track is pure listening fun!

B1: “Ich Zeig Es Euch” Another sparkling tune which is full of surprising variations and effects. Deep bass and drums - pure energy which gets messed up in a magnificent manner. Crackling sounds go against the clear structured beat and the background is peppered with various spheres. The vocal tells you what Brejcha is doin: “I show you" who’s your daddy! 

B2: “Anabella“ This sounds like a role model for a b-side track. A bit weird, disharmonic but grinning and gentle this track is making his way deep into subconsciousness. According to the title you hear some cuts of a cute female voice which assists your imagination. The break in the middle is like a turning point - again perfect for dance floor use but also for a long journey by train or plane – multidirectional fantasies make you smile!