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Artist: Boris Brejcha
Title: My Name Is
Format: MP3 Download
Released: 13.08.2010
Cat.ID: HH MA 017-4
Produced by: Boris Brejcha
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Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. 

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01 Express Myself  
02 Diffusor  
03 The Time Has Come  
04 Flockentanz  
05 I Am A Mashine  
06 Freunde Finden  
07 My Name Is  
08 You Will Rise!  
09 Sommersprosse  
10 YEAH!  

-- Harthouse releaseinformation:
Sound-design from a far-away galaxy, functional and intelligent arrangements, tricky elements somewhere between "handmade" and "cinema-scope" and continuously surprising ideas - this is the music of an extraordinary talent: Boris Brejcha.
He's one of the most productive creative minds of this time segment and while constantly releasing a great amount of tracks, his music does not sound like the work of a mechanic following a certain formula. Boris' force roots from a unique style that has a focus on diversity and still you recognize his hand-writing while listening to his tricky arrangements and breaks that are different as they can be. Some years ago Brejcha suddenly entered the international club-league and announced his goals by tracks as "Ich zeige es euch" – no exaggeration at all when looking at the development of his career, he quickly messed up the establishment and his extraordinary live performances and costumes caused more and more public interest. Harthouse signs responsible for several of Brejcha's releases - two albums and many maxi singles stand for a successful cooperation between artist and label. They grew together and Boris got one of the central artists on Harthouse. It's clear that Brejcha’s third strike is presented by Harthouse and will spread the word of a better tomorrow concerning quality dance music.

His third long player "MY NAME IS" might set up the question whether he continues emphasizing his definition of Science Fiction Techno. You can answer YES and NO: his fans will immediately recognize his unique style in the opener "Express myself" and they will be thankful for that! "MY NAME IS" carries on the spirit of the preceding long players but at the same time announces a new definition of his stylistic varying, state of the art produced and well thought work. You find every single element exactly at the right spot - these tracks frightening precisely aim at the huge summer events - crisp, fresh and always wearing a tiny smile - this would be a satisfying conclusion of his album, but there's several tracks spreading a wider stylistic landscape - harmonic and dreamful "Flockentanz" for example provides listening comfort in the suburbs of the dancefloor, too.

The compilation of Brejchas compositions develops into different styles and atmospheres. "Ich zeige es euch" declares the borders between functional, minimalistic club-sound and neo trancy melodies to be torn down. Endless reverberated spheres are cut into pieces, reversed they rush into emptiness or break into a thousand pieces by crashing into the suddenly appearing grooves. The name-giving track "My name is" raises the bar for straightforward club music: Brejcha is more than capable of driving the masses to insanity. The unforeseeable changes are pure pleasure and draw a clear picture in front of your inner eye: Crowded dance floor, peaktime, raging masses go nuts! Bravo - somebody knows how to carry something to extremes!

"You will rise" is a 10-minutes-hypnotic device that combines hard and direct elements and gentleman-like sound design. Never ever it gets boring - alternating effects and tiny tricky sounds create the style Boris Brejcha is famous for - "My name is" underlines and steels his position! The music of “MEIN NAME IS” is more grownup and this album presents stylistic deeper and wider stuff than many of contemporary music's productions - thus with great cause we announce a real highlight for this summer!