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Artist: Spicelab
Title: Re:Break/Re:Start
Format: MP3 Download
Released: 07/2007
Cat.ID: HH MA 015-8
Produced by: Oliver Lieb
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Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. 

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-- Harthouse Releaseinformation:
Oliver Lieb is one of the first eletronic musicians to be mentioned in the Harthouse history. His first single was released in 1992, he remixed tracks as e.g. Sven Všth's "An Accident in Paradise" which was one of Všth's first successful releases and amongst countless pseudonyms as Ambush, L.S.G., Mindspace, O.L., Radical Impression, S.O.L., Smoked, Snakemen or Solieb, he got really famous as SPICELAB. With Harthouse Mannheim the story continous. He shows his talent and experience in the techno and acid area and announces his own revival with "ReBreak" and "ReStart".

Slightly shuffle and pretty minimal the introduction together with the groaning bass creates high tension which disengages after 3 minutes with the beginning of the rolling percussion.... for a moment because the 8 minutes bass thunder storm is a continous up and down - hypnotising and creating marionettes on the dance floor. Fat production which teaches the upcoming producers who they have to fear!

The restart unsompromisingly conquers the synapses and leads to going postal. The intelligent beat programming creates a nodding groove which you can hardly elude. Again on the bass-side of life this is nothing for the mellow minded - dark, strong, wide rooms and pressure inspire the beast to set every dance floor on fire! A new lifeform, one step ahead and thrilling... Where does Mr. Lieb hide his time machine?