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Vinyllabel A/B-Side

Artist: Billy Dalessandro
Title: Come Down Tonight
Format: 1x12" Whitelabel
Released: 04/2007
Cat.ID: HH MA 013-6 Promo
Produced by: Billy Dalessandro
Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. Promotional release.

Tracklist Vinyl
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A1 Come Down Tonight Play
B1 Loeber Motors Play
B2 Milkshake Magenta Play
-- Harthouse releaseinformation:
Billy Dalessandro – Working as a multimedia designer during the day, the American with Italian roots creates his music in his legendary Dojo studios in Chicago while releasing it mostly on German labels – which is not as paradox as it seems. With his very own idea of sound, Billy Dalessandro has managed to bridge the worlds, crossing vibrant, funkiness and quirky grooves with thought-through concepts and complex harmonic structures, single-handedly uniting elements of classic Chi house and cool Techno. His productions, thought-through, fluid, rolling monsters that surprise with darkness and groove, are released on labels such as Resopal, Force Inc, Forcetracks, Konvex-Konkav, Disco Inc., Relax, Kompute and Soniculture, as well as his own imprint Siteholder, and make the DJ and producer a much sought-after artist whose records end up in crates of well-known artists as diverse as Mathew Dear and John Digweed. Without much ado, Billy Dalessandro presents his sonic vision on Harthouse Mannheim, the resurrected imprint which recently has regained recognition for its eclectic high-quality signings: three tracks that move with subtle trickeries and great feeling for the fine balance of elements that stimulate mind and body alike.

A1: “Come Down Tonight” Pumping, lively grooves that fluctuate while dissonantly bleeping synths, strange voice snippets and powerful intermezzos create an atmosphere of tension and transport the twitching bodies through the meticulously constructed structures. 

B1: “Loeber Motors” A slow winding bassline underlining the dark and strange vocals that drive the track relentlessly grips the people so they just can’t help to let go. A tardy, powerfully driving track not to be underestimated as it builds and builds.

B2: “Milkshake Magenta” Dalessandro makes it possible: time travelling. By fusing the virtues of classic acid with deep house, this amazingly deep and moving track spins slowly out of control, taking the relentlessly rinsed-out brain on a trip through a slow and melodic landscape that comes fully equipped with a 303 driven synthline. Yaaa! Wonder what was in that milkshake?