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Vinyllabel A/B/C/D-Side

Artist: Billy Dalessandro
Title: Into The Atom
Format: 2x12" Vinyl Whitelabel
Released: 03.10.2007
Cat.ID: HH MA 009-3 Promo
Produced by: Billy Dalessandro
Release by Harthouse Digital / Daredo.
Promotional release.

Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime


A1 Frequency Hustler   Play
A2 Stole The Love x Play
B1 DNA Conspiracy   Play
B2 The Touch Of Death   Play
C1 Hijack At The Fermilab   Play
C2 Split Communication   Play
D1 Nitrogen Bass   Play
D2 Naughty Little Ion   Play
-- Harthouse Releaseinformation:
In 2002, Chicago native Billy Dalessandro first brought his unique production style to the forefront of the electronic music community. The five years in between that time and the present day have seen him release two full length albums, nearly 20 original EPs, and a slew of remixes. His works have found their way into the record bags of many respectable DJs, as well as some of the most prestigious jocks’ compilations.

2007 sees the culmination of his career thus far realized, with the release of “Into the Atom” on Harthouse Mannheim. This being Dalessandro’s third full length album, “Into the Atom” takes listeners on a voyage into the bits and pieces of what separates the average tracks from the very best. Similar to the role an atom plays in the molecular build up of all things on this planet, the release exemplifies the minute twists and turns Dalessandro takes with his music that help define him as among the true artists in the production field. It separates those who build the bandwagon from those who wait until its completion to hop aboard. Billy undeniably belongs to the former of the two.

Dalessandro delivers his signature Chicago style funk and tops it off with tech-flavored sprinkles on the album opener entitled “Stole the Love”. This flawless execution that he knows so well continues with “DNA Conspiracy”, ”Soul Chaser“ and “The Touch of Death.” Serious sub undertones teamed with a nod to jack-house history, the trio of tracks are dance floor bombs with enough energy to blow a fuse. Better phone ahead for a battery backup just in case.

Billy and acid burners have always gotten along, seeing their friendship grow over the years - “Into the Atom” welcomes this style with open arms. “Naughty Little Ion” is a no frills assault on all five senses. Layer upon layer of various synths and samples is done with ease; the track is destined to make clubbers keep on dancing. “Nitrogen Bass”, “Hijack at the Fermilab”, and “Frequency Hustler” follow along the same lines – straight laced beats, swirling rhythms, and effects that weave in and out at the perfect moments; subtle strokes created only by those who have honed their craft to a perfect science.

Rounding out the 4/4 beats are a trio of tracks that give an ode to Dalessandro’s Forcetracks style that first identified him as an innovative pioneer in electronic music. “Air to Water”, “Indispensable”, and “Split Communication” are dead on renderings of what electronic music enthusiasts would imagine dub techno to sound like in 2007, if you had asked them five years ago.

Rounding out the album is the experimental piece “They Said It Was Timelapse”. A mental mind melt that would ideally wind down a night spent at the discotheque, our journey into the atom is complete – it is now time to make your way toward exit.