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Artist: Alexi Delano presents A.D.1010
Title: What's Your Number?
Format: 1x12"
Released: 09/2006
Cat.ID: HH MA 006-6
Produced by: Alexi Delano
Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. 

Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime


A1 What´s Your Number? (John Selway Remix) x Play
B1 What´s Your Number? (Alexi Delano´s Lost Phazor Remix) x Play
B2 What´s Your Number? (Album Version) x Play
-- Harthouse Releaseinformation:
Born in Chile and raised in Sweden Alexi Delano started his musical career in Europe´s North in the 1980s. Soon he discovered the wide range of various electronic styles and relocated to New York City in the mid 1990s, seeking new inspirations, gathering different influences and developing his production skills. The following years saw him assaulting the world´s dance floors with his new productions and collaborations with the likes of Jesper Dahlback, Cari Lekebusch, Lucas Rodenbush or Casey Hogan. After his A.D.N.Y. presents Leiva album on Plastic City, his 12” “Space for Bass” and the longplayer opus “Stories of an Alien Brother” on Harthouse, Alexi comes up there with his groundbreaking “What´s Your Number?” EP
A1: “What´s Your Number? (John Selway Remix)” British Techno legend John Selway grabs the chance to give “What´s your number?” a new coat, and he has done a marvellous job by all means. Though the very own characteristic of the original he succeeds in adding this unique John Selway flavour he is famous for without loosing the original´s soul. His interpretation is hypnotising you from the first second on, always giving you that funky punch from the background, letting the manipulated vocals fly through your head, slowly building up getting more and more drive – till you have the ultimate hypno-Techno-monster – ready to set the floors on fire!
B1: “What´s Your Number? (Alexi Delano´s Lo)” Alexi Delano´s own interpretation is build on a exquisitely driving bassline, kicking hard – preparing you for the freaked out leitmotiv. Once heard there is no chance it would leave your brain again. Shaman Alexi Delano has kidnapped you for his ritual, no chance to escape his magic of repetitive hypnotism.
B2: “What´s Your Number? (LP Version)” Last but not least Alexi is offering you “What´s Your Number?” in the album version, showing once more that there´s always room for another point of view. This track is a bit more housy but never the less rocking as hell as well, not only because of its freaky acid synths.