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Artist: Zoo Brazil
Title: Black Light
Format: MP3 Download
Released: 12/2005
Cat.ID: HH MA 004-8
Produced by: John Andersson, Johan Emmoth
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Released by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. Published by Skint Music / Sony ATV and copyright control. 

Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime


01 Black Light 07:05 Play
02 Backstreet Boys 06:01 Play
03 Dynamics 07:09 Play

01 128 BPM, 02 128BPM, 03 123BPM
-- Harthouse Releaseinformation:
John Anderson und Johan Emmoths are also the creativ-mind behind projects like the Kelly Project, Laid, Cuba Computers, Nars, Outcold and as well Zoo Brazil. Behind the great honour to work together with important artists like Fatboy Slim, Human Leauge and Dannii Mingoue they produced with countless underground artists like James Holden, Blaze, Lo Fidelity Allstars, and Tony Senghore (just to name a few). Even the experience from over 40 single release and 20 remix-works has contributed that they have risen to one of the most innovative producerteams out there. Zoo Brazil has managed to hit exactly the nerve of the era Harthouse without trying to be retro or copy it Science Fiction-House, Progressive Voodoo-Techno or Liquid Monster Trance.
01.: “black light” with this track Zoo Brazil wants to say we are back! At the beginning of the track the listener gets the message what the song assimilate even a pressure full beat, which brings the dance floor to burn. When the psychedelic Synthesizer Sound starts, the listener can get in another World where he can take off and floating. This is a track in terms of HARTHOUSE and mainly from ZOO BRAZIL!
02.: “backstreet boys” No in this song it is not going about commercial boyband singing, but for the feeling to present good techno. And nothing else more. At the beginning of the track it starts with an explicit techno beat and in the middle of the track it is gets harder, cooler and aloof. With his several Breaks and the sound which goes into the ear, the listener cannot stand still and in the middle of the track he will be on the dancefloor!
03.: “dynamics” discriminate from the other tracks, with a soft beat and defined sound, the beat gets forward pressing. As soon when the continous Synthesizer Sound and the several percussions start, the track will nobody let alone and give the listener a true promise to hear good techno.