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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Electronic Injection
Format: 3x12"
Released: 08/2006
Cat.ID: HH MA 003-3
Produced by: Various Artists
Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. 

Tracklist Vinyl
# Trackname Playtime


A1 Groove Rebels - La Nuit Magique x Play
A2 Extrawelt - Sternschaden x Play
B1 Hardloor - Da Legacy x Play
B2 Özgür Can - Mellanspelet x Play
C1 Stanny Franssen - Black Isn´t Everything x Play
C2 Zoo Brazil - The Girl Room x Play
D1 John Dahlbäck - Stoned Sten x Play
D2 Alexi Delano presents A.D. 1010 - Can You Compute? (A.D. Remix) x Play
E1 Der Dritte Raum - Paradise.Merged x Play
E2 Joel Mull - 6bot dub x Play
F1 Terence Fixmer  - Eaux Troubles x Play
F2 Gui Boratto - Atol x Play
Cover Art by George Dare
-- Harthouse Releaseinformation:
For more than a decade Harthouse has been one of the most influential trademarks within the Techno scene. The releases during the 1990s have been landmarks, pioneering the forefront in sound innovation, being a role model for countless artists and labels. Harthouse acts achieved world fame and climbed into the international charts. Artists like Sven Vaeth, Hardfloor, Alter Ego, Resistance D. or Der Dritte Raum became synonymous for the sound of Harthouse.

In other words: Harthouse has a glamorous past, a musical heritage, a name, that always stood for constant progress and high quality – two keywords, that are becoming more and more important these days. But Harthouse is not only one of the biggest myths in the encyclopaedia of electronic music. Since some time the fog have risen and the legend is back with producers like Zoo Brazil, Alexi Delano or Gui Boratto, and with overwhelming success.

So it is no surprise, that Harthouse is presenting a unique various artists compilation – which is available also as a TRIPLE VINYL package. And it wouldn´t be Harthouse if the track selection wouldn´t be extraordinary. Consequently only handpicked artists found their way on this supernova sound, artists who are all considered as innovative, pioneering and creative representatives of their guild.

On this album there are new and exclusive tracks from artists like Hardfloor, Der Dritte Raum (two Harthouse legends), Özgur Can, Groove Rebels, Extrawelt, Zoo Brazil, Swedish Techno pioneer Joel Mull, electro infant terrible Terence Fixmer, Alexi Delano (A.D. RMX), John Dahlbäck. All these artists are presenting their very own sound, which is far away from monotony – their sound is fresh, tight, groundbreaking and shaping our musical landscape in a new and exciting way! The bandwidth is reaching from fragile minimal sound structures over mind burning acid flavoured tracks with hypnotic melodies to massive electro bombs with freaked out baselines – all together proving, how exciting planet Electronica can be, if you follow the right artists on their mission!

So, be ready and follow us into the future!