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Artist: Alexi Delano Presents A.D. 1010
Title: Stories of an alien brother
Format: MP3 Download
Released: 07/2006
Cat.ID: HH MA 002-4
Produced by: Alexi Delano
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Release by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. 

Tracklist MP3 Download
# Trackname Playtime


01 First Contact x Play
02 Understanding x Play
03 Plenty Of Space x Play
04 Space For Bass x Play
05 People Are Listening x Play
06 Crack The Bubble x Play
07 The Ultimate Knowledge x Play
08 Laser Beam Dream x Play
09 Boot Up x Play
10 Can You Compute? x Play
11 They Are With Us x Play
12 What Is Your Number? x Play
13 Life Of Some Kind x Play
14 Wanna’ Get Deeper x Play
15 Authentication x Play
16 Magnetique Flow x Play
17 Join Us x Play
18 Hipothesizing x Play
19 My Alien Brother x Play
20 Alpha Data x Play
21 Verification Confirmation x Play
22 We Are Here x Play
23 If One Day x Play
Cover Art by George Dare
-- Harthouse Releaseinformation:
Born in Chile and raised in Sweden, music has always been an important part in Alexi Delano´s life. He started DJing in the mid 1980´s and had his first radio show at the tender age of 15. His love for Hip Hop, R´n´B, Funk and Soul motivated him to share his musical taste with the world around him. Soon Alexi Delano discovered the fields of electronic music on a trip to Spain – especially House. After his return to Sweden he teamed up with his friend Cari Lekebusch to produce Alexi´s first album “Life on The Other Side”. This was only the kick-off for a successful producer career. The following years saw Alexi Delano releasing on highly renowned imprints such as Hybrid, Tim Taylor's imprint Missile, Steve Bug's labels Raw Elements, Plumphouse, Svek, Jericho, Primevil, Christian Smith's Strive label, Earthtones or Plastic City.

In the mid 1990´s Alexi relocated to New York City seeking new inspiration and developing his production skills. Soon one could hear him assaulting the globe´s dancefloors with his new productions and collaborations with the likes of Jesper Dahlback, Cari Lekebusch, Lucas Rodenbush or Casey Hogan. After his A.D.N.Y. presents Leiva album on Plastic City and his 12” “Space for Bass” on Harthouse time is ripe for Alexi Delano to release his current longplayer “Stories of an Alien Brother” on one of the electronic music´s most influential imprints.

On this album Alexi Delano is our space commander: In the beginning he takes us to a hidden studio in the heart of New York City´s old subway system – electronic equipment, speakers, cables, giant flat screens and controllers everywhere, radio messages from out of space are coming in every second – alien languages, curious sounds. It´s dark, hot and airless in here when Alexi introduces his alien brother to us. Split seconds later both put their headphones on, throw us is in their space-bass-ship and preparing us for an exciting and versatile flight trough their sound galaxy. Filthy electro beats, firm basslines, driving drum arrangements and exciting vocoder sounds are telling us the “Stories of An Alien Brother”. 3, 2, 1, mark!!!

And here we are on our space flight – on the controls commander Alexi Delano, blasting the onboard soundsystem with the dirty electro monster “Understanding”. Of course you can find “Space for Bass” that already saw its successful single release on Harthouse on this album as well as “Crack the Bubble” with its reduced but catchy melody. To “Laser Beam Dream” we are manoevering our space ship trough alien laser fire, passing the Kuiper belt when Alexi´s alien brother is questioning us “Can you compete?” Yes we can – putting the controls to full throttle, accelerating our ship to maximum speed. After heavy turbulences we are reaching a peaceful planetary system and are recovering to the wonderful “Wanna get deeper” – co-produced by Cari Lekebusch.

After that we have to put the stealth modus on, leaving the planets behind us, heading forward to the trippy “Magnetique Flow”. Accelerating to full speed again we are receiving radio waves from an unknown species, inviting us to join them on their planet. After the successful landing Alexi Delano plays “My Alien Brothers”, causing collective mass hysteria: star warriors waving their hands in the air, shacking their antennas and satellite dish like ears. Having finally found a planet where trendsetting electronic music is appreciated we are sending “Alpha Data” to our base station and with the massive and filthy distorted electro stomper “We are here” Alexi Delano is announcing that we are going to stay and party on forever with our alien brothers!