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Artist: Zoo Brazil
Title: Crash
Format: MP3 Download
Released: 11/2005
Cat.ID: HH MA 001-8
Produced by: John Andersson, Johan Emmoth
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Released by Harthouse Mannheim / Daredo. Published by Skint Music / Sony ATV and copyright control.

Tracklist Vinyl
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01 Crash 06:16 Play
02 Infinity 06:12 Play
03 Escape 05:57 Play
-- Harthouse Releaseinformation:
The label Harthouse is one of the most popular Techno-imprints worldwide. The label was foundet 1992 and was several years under the special guidance from Sven Vaeth. Harthouse has revolutionised the genre and managed with over 100 releases to set up an own memorial - the Sound of Frankfurt. At the beginning of 1998 the Under Cover Music Group took over the rights to use the brand name of the label. In teh few years from 1998 up top 2003 where Harthouse existed under UCMG, there only appeared 9 singles, a few albums, some mix-cds and four retrospective compilations. In 1998 Daredo Music took over the Harthouse trademark. There will be a different release-strategy than UCMG had, with different design (based on the old Harthouse style), more quality releases and new artists - an adequate follow up of the old Harthouse sound and myth.

The first release under Harthouse Mannheim,  the legitimate follower of Harthouse Frankfurt, is from Zoo Brazil aka John Anderson from Sweden. John Anderson is the creative-mind behind projects like the Kelly Project, Laid, Cuba Computers, Nars, Outcold and as well Zoo Brazil. Begind the great honour to work together with important artists like Fatboy Slim, Human League and Dannii Minogue they produced with countless underground artists like James Holden, Blaze, Lo Fidelity and Tony Senghore (just to name a few). Even the experience from over 40 single releases and 20 remix-works has contributed that he has risen to one of the most innovative producers out there.

Zoo Brazil has managed to hit exactly the nerve of the era Harthouse without trying to be retro or copy something... call it Science Fiction-House, Progressive Voodoo-Techno or Liquid Monster Trance, this record is in any case an worthy follow up of the classic Harthouse releases!
-- de:bug Review:
Zoo Brazil - Crash (Harthouse Mannheim / 001)
Äh, ja, Harthouse gibt es wieder und kommt jetzt aus Mannheim. John Anderson aka Zoo Brazil rockt passenderweise aber dennoch erst mal in einem Stil der gut die Fortsetzung des Harhouse Sounds sein könnte. Casio-Drumsounds und solide Acid-Monster mit vielen Effekten vor allem aber massivem Druck wollen den Dancefloor mitten auf dem Höhepunkt erwischen und z.B. auf "Infinity" noch eine Schraube höher drehen, und das könnte ihnen auch verdammt gut gelingen. Bleep-Overload vom feinsten.
bleed •••••