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Artist: Sascha Barth
Title: Kolonien Der LIebe
Format: MP3-Download
Released: 2008-09-16
Cat.ID: HH D 026-8
Produced by: Sascha Barth
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Release by Harthouse Digital / Daredo. 

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01 Kolonien Der Liebe x
02 Kolonien Der Liebe (Alecs Marta Remix) x
03 Minodo x
04 Tiefenrausch  

-- Harthouse releaseinformation:
Together with young new producers and DJs like for example Smilla, Christian Gimbel, Mihalis Safras and Boris Brechja, Sascha Barth is one of the new promising artists on "Harthouse". After one release on Monika Kruse's "Terminal M" Imprint and his debut with "Be Different Or Die" on Harthouse in 2007, followed up by "Whitsands" and "Das Dritte Auge", here is his second 4th EP titled 'Kolonien der Liebe' on Harthouse. His Sound is minimalistic yet forward pushing with a pintch of Funk. His productions show a high musical expertise and are proof of his talent to not only follow existing to not only follow existing trends, but redefine them as well.