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Artist: Various Artists
Title: The Best Of Harthouse Digital Vol.5
Format: MP3-Download
Released: 12/2016
Cat.ID: HH D 010-4
Produced by: Various Artists
Release by Harthouse Digital / Daredo. 

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01 Occer     City of love
02 Noaria     Modul 8
03 Sascha Barth     Katapult 
04 Hans Bouffmyhre     Release Me
05 Tom Hades     Shut Up
06 Kontra     Cheap Girls
07 Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson     Psycho (Miro Pajic Remix)
08 Boris Brejcha     The Time Has Come
09 Matador     Upppp
10 Yousef     In Parliment
11 Max Cavalerra     Rollin
12 Electric Rescue     Externalizer
13 Asio     Coco     Original Mix
14 Vinicius Honorio     Misfit
15 Mikael Jonasson     Tumbleweed
16 Eclec Sonde     Asian Matters
17 Springbond     Neighbour Knocking
18 Yokota     Amoban
19 Kontra     Bad People
20 Sasha Carassi     Fragma
21 Ümit Han     Yesil
22 Stanny Franssen     Black Isn't Everything     Boris Brejcha Remix
23 Ralph Sliwinski     Konterfights
24 Braincell     Dying World
25 Christian Gimbel     Dresscode