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Artist: Boris Brejcha
Title: Die Milchstrasse
Format: MP3-Download
Released: 19.10.2007
Cat.ID: HH D 009-8
Produced by: Boris Brejcha
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Release by Harthouse Digital / Daredo. 

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01 Die Milchstrasse x Play
02 Soundrecorder x Play
03 My Old Generation x Play
04 Sunny Air x  Play
-- Harthouse releaseinformation:
Actually you find the name Boris Brejcha in the famous DJs’ playlists worldwide as well as on compilation tracklists and of course on “Die Maschinen sind gestrandet” – his first album!! Harthouse acts as a platform for his extreme forward-looking output. The future is now and the main message is to be unpredictable and still sweeping like no other. "Die Milchstrasse is his third EP on Harthouse. Again surprise follows surprise by taking some well known condiments of electronic dance music, adding some delightful secret ingredients out of Brejcha’s soundmachines and messing all up with effects like heaven and hell! Deep, clear, clicky, effected, dirty, various, surprising avant-garde, a close-fitting sporty and elegant wear for everywhere.