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Joel Mull

Born in Stockholm in 1975, Joel Mull received his first synthesizer at the tender age of six and so began his long and successful music career, by initially taking piano lessons. Between the age of ten and sixteen, he went on to attend Music School in Stockholm - spending most of his time playing keyboards and singing, but he was soon distracted by electronic music through the sounds of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. As is the case with many of today’s dance music luminaries, his musical explorations gave him a solid base which he would continue building upon… 
At an outdoor rave in 1991 in his native Stockholm, Joel first experienced the music which would shape the rest of his life. He had found his passion. Almost immediately thereafter, he started buying the latest Techno and House 12”s available in key stores around the city. It was only a matter of time before Joel bought the necessary tools and first began writing his own music. 

Joel was lucky enough to pursue a full time DJ career, and from that point on, would consistently use his diverse musical background as inspiration - as is evident with his eclectic productions to date. Following a host of releases for various labels around the world, Joel felt that it was time to take full control over his music. So, in 1998 a new project was born: Inside Records – his own record label. Since then there has been a continuous flow of quality dance-floor releases from his ever-busy Globestudio in Stockholm. 

Being a contemporary musician with rare training and a sharp ear has brought Joel a great deal of success in all his projects. His releases span an impressive bridge across labels including Svek, Underwater, Kanzleramt and Drumcode, to name a few, while he also has an upcoming release on Harthouserecords, Truesoul & Railyard Recordings.

In addition, his tracks have been featured on a multitude of high profile DJ mixes, including those of John Digweed & Sasha and Bryan Zentz.

As both a DJ and a live act, Joel has been performing across much of the globe. Although his personal demeanor may be as quiet and reserved as it gets, he has clearly made big noises in the music industry and has since become an artist to be watched and followed.


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